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yet another rant on fan fic by SK

I... really suck. So my formerly best piece of writing ever I now think should hit the crap basket. I know what I would do to fix it... but three years from now. I will know what I should do to fix it again. I know it.

So I know that it is good that I am learning, but I am frustrated now. Because the Jondy the Abandoner standalone won the Barcode Awards. Second Place, which I think is pretty good as there were quite a few entries in the Jondy catagory. So basically, I can't really go and edit it up, because then it is no longer the piece that won the Barcode Award. But it still sucks.

I blame you K.A. Applegate! You and your short sentances!

Okay... well, I don't know if she's responsible for my abrupt sentance phase in 11th grade or not. But I really don't blame her. *loves* Still, freaking short sentances. And why the hell didn't I split that one paragraph?!!! It makes no freaking sense!!! Gar. I'm an idiot. I really just want to go in a split that paragraph if nothing else. I think it may actually just not be split because I missed it when I revised the date and typos about a year and a half ago. I had to download from the internet because I lost the original document due to my dad loosing the zip drive, and that screws with the paragraphs. I really should fix it, at the very least in my archive as that would only take a couple of seconds.

But still. GAR! This is probably why no one picks up on that paragraph echoing a specific scene in the show. It was purposefully done damnit! Oh wells.

Now I am working on Jondy the Abandoner 5: Dark Angel, which is starting out as a royal pain in the ass. It'll be fun, but confuse people as to why I did things the way I did. Why? Because everyone forgets that Haven happened. That awesome little episode that's tucked in there and doesn't really devolop plot much? Yeah, the one between the awesome episode and the sucktastic one. The one everyone forgets about, but it is just cute and great and full of explosions. It was the second highest rated episode ever. Maybe third... but it's way up there, and no one remembers it. But it happened, it is affecting my fic. I had to do a freaking heat cycle to make the first chapter have a hook, when I was going to just do a look across the room intense moment. That'll happen later, to much hilarity and annoying my readers in the way everyone loves to be annoyed. But everyone has to wait now, and they don't even remember why. Jerks.

I don't mean that... I love ya all, especially my readers. *hugs*

But after all that gets out of the way, hijinks will ensue. With my delicous ending. Mmmm, I smell that happening finals week. :) I'm diseased, really. There is something wrong with me and I um, have murdering rampages on the same character. Not saying who or if anyone dies! No one dies. Nope! Nobody. This is totally not a lie!

Aldrea is going to be in a young adult novel I am planning. Along with my character from playing school and house as a kid, Denese, and some boy who I don't know yet. I need to come up with a boy to write about. I don't know if little boys like to die a lot yet. I know that one of the little girls will die, because they are acting suicidal in my pre-writing flood of ideas. But I've only had a couple of little boys, and they didn't like to die as much as the girls do. They just liked me crushing on them because I was 11-13 years old. *sigh* I guess I've only had one little boy, and two pre-teen boys. Also Ben. I never put that story to the internet. Crushed on him too, because he was Ben, and little Ben's actor is my age actually. I wonder what he looks like now...

And jeez! Kyley Statham is less than a year younger than me! I had forgotten that. They should make a spin off called Dark Jondy, and Kyley can reprise her role. I could write for it, and make more money that I will at stupid Hamline work study, since my federal work study was ripped from my grasp.

Well, if anyone was curious (and actually read all of my late night/early mornign ramblings) we have been having a Dark Angel viewing spree here at the geektastic apartment of doom. Firefly too, but we did Dark Angel tonight and we watched some of my absolute favourite episodes. Jeez, how about it for shows Fox messed up with and cancelled like the buttfaces they are. Woot! Tonight with Dark Angel I ate pepperoni and had pepsi. I felt almost like it was snowing, except that I wasn't sitting on a bed. I think had I been on the couch... yeah. Ah nostalgia. It ruled muchly. This is what has been inspiring my random Dark Angel madness. That, and the prospect of actually finishing a project for the first time in my life.

Seriously... finish it... I am not kidding. It'll be more than the six chapters I originally had thought, but I think I will be done by December. The strife of finals should put me in the perfect mood for to write the ending, so my goal is to be there by then.
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