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The Broken World [Community]

The virtual apartment in the heart of Seattle's post-apocolyptic future.

The Broken World
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Welcome to the community blog of the Dark Angel fansite, The Broken World. My name is Sorrow and I will be your pet garden gnome for today. :P

If you're a regular to TBW's forum, you'll surely be familiar with most of the DA fans who regularly hang out there (even if you're a lurker ;)).

The purpose of this LJ community is not merely to discuss the show that brought us together (there's a millions threads at the forum for that) but for fans of Dark Angel and members of TBW to keep in touch, get to know each other more personally, and simply have a place where we can share the ups and downs of life.

Membership is by admin approval but don't let that scare you off, as you are welcome here as long as you are a regular to The Broken World's forum (both long term residents and newbies) and you are sure you can post here at least a couple times a month (least we forget who you are!).

Rules & Guidelines

  • This is a community for TBW members, so of course you must be a regular TBW member. *states the obvious* ;)

  • A minimum of 10 posts at the forum is preferred, to gain acceptance into the community. (so any old Joe Blogs doesn't wander in and sign up.)

  • This is probably stating the obvious yet again, but it would be great if you could introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself when you first post.

  • If you're writing up a long post or you're posting pictures that may take a while to load up for someone with a slower connection, use LJ-CUT tags

  • Please try to post at least a couple times a month, so we know you're still taking part - even if it's just to comment to someone else's entry

  • No flaming other members!

  • Do not copy any posts from here and post them elsewhere on the net! (Unless of course you have the author's opinion, or it's your own post.)

  • Offensive language/content, or excessively unintelligable spelling/grammar may result in the deletion of your entry or possibly your community membership.

  • Any questions/suggestions/complaints can be directed to Sorrow: admin(at)thebrokenworld.org