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So irritating!!!

So I'm working on Jondy the Abandoner... some more, yeah. And I've completely lost track of what is going on in Seattle on March the 2nd, 2020. This is all documented for me in the episode Female Trouble, so no problem, I will put that in my 'puter, fast forward to March 2nd, and thus have all information relayed in my fan fiction be accurate.

But no. Apparently the DVD player is completely broken on my computer. I've tried every media playing program that my computer has, and nothing! Gar! Granted, I there is another DVD player in the apartment, but I dislike monopolizing that for fan fiction. *sigh*

So, for awhile I thought I could have another chapter up by tomorrow, but that will no longer be happening. At least not that I can forsee. GRRR!!!!

So, ah... Anyone remember if Logan was in his apartment, oh, noonish on March 2nd? This date being the last day of the episode... the anniversary of the escape. And if not, when did he get back/leave? And I need it to be a time that Max WASN'T there. At all. Max... completely absent from Logan's apartment. Logan, completely present. Sometime during the day March the 2nd. *sigh*

Stupid DVD player in computer. *glares at it*
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