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All I need is a goat, and life will be complete...

Sorry for not having been around for so long, weekend evenings seem about the only time I'm really going to spend Quality Time with the internet, but anyway I hope everyone's doing well out there!!! :)

Hey it's a small world Designation, you're not the only person working amid other people's left overs... I began full time work a couple weeks ago, as Assistant Manager of a Salvation Army recyled clothing shop!

Okay, so maybe 'assistant manager' doesn't sound like much of a task when you're talking about a second-hand clothing store, but this isn't a dingy smelly little op-shop cluttered with racks of tightly jammed old lady clothing I'll have you know... *waggles finger* It has a staff of about twelve, my boss runs it like a well-oiled machine, and it's a bloody busy place!

Learning the til was initially a really frustrating experience. I would have it sussed when one of the staff was standing next to me, but the moment I was left alone with just The Til and An Ever-Increasing Line of Waiting Customers, I'd be all butter-fingers and hitting wrong buttons and making things beep at innappropriate moments. Whoops. The worst was the full on panic attack I had while mistakenly charging someone $2,000 instead of like, $46.95. No idea how that happened *scratches head*

Okay but that's sussed, and while the pay is only $12 an hour, I get the bonus of scoring some cool free stuff! A pair of NZ Defence combat pants, Sketchers... Considering I was an op-shop bargin hunter *before* working there, I'm definitely enjoying the job. :D Suits the Crazy Cat Lady much better than working in some snotty little office in the middle of the city. Urgh!

I'm really lovin' it there, but I've been so exhausted each evening when I get home, that tonight is the longest I've sat at the computer in what feels like ages! It took me two weeks to realise '' was inaccessable because I'd totally forgotten to renew the domain name. D'oh!

Anyway, I have sooo much catching up to do online, and I've been trying for twenty minutes to get the TBW forum to load up but it's not working for me at the moment... And now I've gotta go. It's Jarrod's turn at the 'puter. I'll have to resume the quality internet time tomorrow.

Remember, if ya happen to be in Auckland and driving by Westgate, stop in to the Salvation Army store and ask for Callie. If it's a Thursday lunch break, stop in for a mochachino! (Oh you'll know me, I'm the young-ish one bouncing around the place like a frog with a firecracker up it's bum.)
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