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Oops... Not my fault!

*waves to all*

Okay, so my journalling has been a little lax of late. I had a phase, you see, where sitting at the computer and trying to do anything but read CSI fanfic made me unhappy. :P I'm kinda shameless and hopeless like that.

What's new, everyone? I give my response to that very question: Well, let's see. I've got a job now, 9 - 5, usually with an hour of unpaid lunch, 12 - 1. What do I do? I work at the Green Depot, counting recyclable bottles, cans, etc, and giving cash refunds. I sometimes splash myself accidentally with loads of soda and orange juice, I often encounter 'ear wigs' (a form of bug, in case that's a Newfoundlander term and no one else in the world uses it), hornets, spiders, sometimes baby shrimp from recyclables picked off the beach... Oh, and let's not forget months-old stinky milk cartons that must be thrown out. 'Cause we don't actually take milk cartons.

It's VERY exciting.

But actually, on a less sarcastic note, it's not that bad a job. Because when we're not busy with 14 customers at once or something extreme like that, we get to sit around doing approximately zilch (which includes word jumbles and reading Stephen King novels). And I work with nice people. And I get stuck on the book/receipt work a lot... which means I'm often on the math side of things. I like math.


And I get paid minimum wage, $6.25 (CDN) per hour.

And Thursday's payday. WHOO!

And I need a new watch...

Did I mention that I've graduated high school? I don't remember. But I have a grad ring. *shows it off proudly* AND I've only had an 'oh-my-god-I've-lost-my-ring' crisis once... And it turned out that I had put it away in a safe place that I would 'remember.'

And I've had a draft of the final fic in the Arcanum series sitting on my comp for a few weeks... I need to let it stew and give myself time to edit and possibly pass it off to happy people who'll tell me if I've screwed up a lot. See, I think my writing is getting more vague, rambly, and incoherent by the minute. I'm also suffering from some kind of Arcanum-related separation anxiety, because I'm not entirely sure if I want to post the final piece until I've written at least one fic in which Rizzo can be seen as entirely evil. Automaton almost did that, but missed a little at the end... I'm thinking a Zane fic. I love Zane fics. Or maybe Syl. 'Cause if you want to get really technical, I've almost sort of Arcanumized Zane already with my fic Stoic, which wasn't TECHNICALLY an Arcanum fic, but took place in the same universe, and I'm rambling.

That's what YOU get for ME not posting here enough. :P
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