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Trade Me fan fiction, eh? Who would I ship? books/clothing?

Whoo hoo! I've been going through all my stuff finding things to sell on Trade Me. Some of the best sells these last few days have been a Diana Gabaldon book which I brought second hand for $4, and then on auction it went for $29.00, and a Dark Tower companion guide which cost $8 from an outlet store and auctioned for $26, and then tonight I sold a pair of woman's trousers designed by WORLD (NZ designer label) for $47! Whoo hoo! My goodness, I've had them for a couple years but never really been able to wear them as they're too big, and figured I may as well sell them because WORLD stuff always gets good prices... Never figured I'd get nearly $50 for them though. Sweet. :D

And between all the other bits and pieces I've sold over the past two weeks, I've now got about $150 in the pocket from stuff that was just sitting around the place unused.

Hmm, must dig further into my bedroom and see what else I can get rid off...

Dudes, I'm so addicted to Trade Me lately, I'm thinking about writing Trade Me fan fiction.

...Okay, I was kidding about that last remark. No really, I was kidding!!

In other news, well, there's really no other news. It's Char's birthday at the end of the month and I've promised to shout her and a couple friends to Rainbow's End (amusement park). Hence the mad scrabble to sell off items from my wardrobe and bookcases. It's about $30 just to get one child into that place, and once you take into account food, and drinks, and arcade money, and food, and more food, and so on... I'm going to need to auction off all of my worldly goods by the end of the month. :P
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