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Look everyone! TBW LJ group lives. sort of... But I'm posting in it even though it is so neglected. I don't really care.

So Mauve and I are having that joint bday thing on the boards which should be super fun. I'm not excited for it yet though, because I am too busy being excited for CONvergence. It's this weekend, and since the fourth was on Tuesday it seems like it's coming up faster than it should. That makes me nervous, but I'm mostly excited. There are SO many interesting looking writing panels this year. Also a Farscape based room party (although I'm not sure if I'll like it based on the description... still, I'm intriged) and a LOST panel. And of COURSE the zombie panel, which is on Friday night. Whee! Very exciting. I wish that I knew a bunch of DA friends who were going, because it would be super fun to all dress up as a bunch of X-series fresh from Manticore. That would be the easiest costume to put together, and it would be very fun. But alas, none of my DA friends can afford to go. I think a bunch of them are going to Anime Iowa instead or something.

My doggy is looking very cute sleeping on my bed right now. He doesn't get to sleep there tonight though, because my mom fed him a corn cob, and he ate the whole thing, husk and all. Now everyone is worried that he's going to puke. My mom gets to clean it up if he does, hehe. Seeing as she fed him the offending food.

Hmm, what else can I write about... I can't really think of anything. I guess that's why no one posts here all that often. And I barely use my LJ at all anymore, because I've resolved not to write in it if all I'm going to do is complain. I mostly complain, see.

Well, tomorrow I'm going to go to the bank and drop off two paychecks and over $100 in tip moneys, and then my brother(s?) and I are going to see Cars. My mom even said she would pay, which is a bonus. Yup. That's some mighty fine update to chew on. Gross.
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