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Watchin' stuff...

So today was a day pretty much made up of watching things, and watching things only. I have been wanting to watch the "Rising" arch in S1 for a couple of weeks now, and I finally did. I somehow feel that it would be awesomer if I were not able to quote the entire thing along with it, but oh well. It still rocks. After that I watched "Pollo Loco," A)because of tie-ins to Lost, and B)because Jensen's in it, and I haven't watched him in SO LONG!

Then I watched Lost, "Numbers" because I wanted to look for Libby. Didn't see her, but that doesn't mean she wasn't there. Then was dinner, and then my roomie and I watched "Raised By Another," which served to make me even MORE worried about Charlie.

I cleaned the whole kitchen because I'm insane. Also, because cleaning the kitchen is supposed to be my job, and I haven't done it since like, Novemeber. It's several shades short of shiny now, but it would be all the way shiny if it weren't from the seventies. And I wish I hadn't written that sentance, because now I have that stupid song from the season premere of Lost stuck in my head again. I am so a slave to Lost... Watching the Rising arch was supposed to tone it down a bit, but it didn't help as much as I'd hoped. Still, "Rising" was totally awesome. I was overly nostalgic when Max said, "How do I look in red?" I swear, that's my teen years right there in that line. Awww...

Anyway, THEN I still watched MORE stuff, and I watched the finale of Lost. This started off a chain of events that lead me to now. My roomie and I have been discussing how unbelievabley tall Maggie Grace is, and wanted to know if she was taller than Sayid. So we looked her up on IMDB, and she is. Har. Then we were looking at the other cast members, and in looking at Terry O'Quinn's info, I realized I had not watched all the bonus features on S3 of Alias. I watched them, and I realized that I had forgotten how INCREDIBLY HOT David Anders is.

I was such a fan girl as I sat and watched the bloopers. Now I want to hug him and possibly sex him, but that may be vastly inappropriate for this LJ group. Oh well, no one comes here except me anyway. *tears* This group should so totally be more active!
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