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Mmm, livejournal.

I feel like I'm bad at life right about now. I think it's my lack of caffiene that is making me feel this way, but whatever. That's just another reason I'm bad at life: I've let myself become a caffiene addict. Granted, it's mostly my lack of having a headache function that has allowed me to progress this far. I was able to become addicted without even knowing it was happening. And for someone who already has depressive tendancies, to be far enough along in a caffiene addiction that depression symtoms worsen... just a bad thing. I don't plan on trying to kick the habit until Christmas break. I'm too busy and too stressed with finals lurking not far off at all, to try to decaffinate my system now. Whoo.

But anyway... I got completely sidetracked there. I hardly did any homework this weekend. I haven't done ANY history homework since midterms, so now I'm a MILLION pages behind. And I was planning on doing so well there too. Poop. I just don't feel like doing my media class any more, since I found out the system for taking media classes is bizzare and I can't take any more without being in the international journalism program, which I have no interest in. WTF? Why should I need to be in that specific area in order to learn anything about media in general? That is so stupid. So I just don't care anymore. My creative writing is fine, but I feel like I didn't do the homework this weekend, because I did it before I left campus on Friday. I did it when I said I was going to be writing JTA, hehe. I did write some JTA though too, the writing assignment was shortness. Lit. Crit. I did some of my homework for, but I don't want to start my drama paper until Tuesday because, you know, it's due Wednesday. While I like my classes, I'm sick of them all, and to a degree, I've just stopped doing them. I don't even have good attendance anymore.

Thing that's good to know, when I have a certain amount of times that I am allowed to miss a class, don't try to pretend they don't exist and have perfect attendance. I always get lazy after awhile, and if I have free misses saved up, I miss a lot of class. In a row. It's a bad thing. But well, at least I've learned something this semester. :P

In more awesome news, Goblet of Fire rocks my face off! I don't want to spoil, so I won't say too much... But I am in love with this movie. It's possible I liked it more than the book. Now, important aside to that comment, my favourites are in this order: 3, 6, 1, 4, 2, 5. So four, while I love the book with love, is still fairly far down the list. Chalk it up to my dislike of competition, and that books extreme focus on it. So anyway, I at least love the movie AS MUCH as I do the book, if not more... Which I haven't decided yet. But I totally love it and everyone should go see it. Best of the movies by far.

And that's pretty much been my weekend. Oh, and Scrubs. I can't wait until my roommate gets the second season!
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