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Let this be a lesson to those who dare be subject of a nitpick in a show that I like. So, everyone knows that Mrs. Moreno lives in the apartment ABOVE Logan's penthouse. You also may or may not know that I've been playing the Sims 2 obsessively lately. Logan in the Sims lives in Strangetown (I'm trying to get him pregnant with an alien). Mrs. Moreno lives on his roof... But if I let her have free roaming abilities, she'd spend most of her time at Logan's. So I told her to go to her apartment and I took away her door.

I am now holding an elderly woman hostage in her own apartment. It gets worse, because I got bored.

Mrs. Moreno really had to go to the bathroom. Then, I took away her toilet and put it just outside her house that she can't get out of, right outside of her only window. Logan just so happened to also really have to pee at that time, and since he was swinging on the swings, he used the toilet outside the window, while Mrs. Moreno watched him and peed herself.

Okay, yeah, I'm a terrible person. I let Mrs. Moreno pee herself five times before I gave her a door for awhile and let her out. She then proceeded to flirt with Logan of her own valition, so I gave her her toilet back, and then stuck her back inside. She's been reasonably happy ever since.

Logan on the other hand, I've also been doing terrible pody-related things with. He'll have to go really bad, and I'll suddenly move all the toilets. He usually goes and tries to find the only one that hasn't moved, Mrs. Moreno's. Only, he can't get in there, because there's no door. The first time I played the Find the Pody Logan! game, Logan made it to a toilet just in time... And I took pictures of him going to the bathroom outside his front door. The last time he wasn't so lucky, and his piddle is still on the roof.

He also got food poisoning, and he's been lectured twice. One of the first things that I made Logan do, was call the fire department when there was no fire. He was lectured, and got sad. Later at some point I decided to do a Female Trouble re-enactment, so I made Mrs. Moreno pass out, I gave her a door, told Logan to go up there, where he started to freak out. Then I made him call the cops, who lectured him because he wasn't being robbed. Mrs. Moreno woke up, and tried to get to her bed, but she passed out again on the way. After that, I took her door away again, and Logan went down stairs, where in the oven he found the burnt, three-day-old toaster pastry that had been left there since the time that he really did have a fire. He ate it, and I decided just to let him, so he got food poisoning. He's better now though.

I've been trying to get Max to come over, but Logan can't invite her as he hasn't met her, and she doesn't seem to like Mrs. Moreno (who met Max online). So far Max has had woohoo with Alec, but she's never met Logan. Jondy and Aldrea are living happy lives, but I'm having trouble getting Alec and Jondy to make a connection. I would like it if they would woohoo with each other as both of them would fulfill a very high scoring want if they did that. Alec is just continually being a jerk to Jondy though.

And that... is the life of my Dark Angel related sims. Oh, and my version of Aldrea in Veronaville, when she is 16, is going out with one of my characters from when I played school as a kid, Sara. They are such an adorable pair. I love it.
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