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am I reading VS3 again? Seriously. So we finished rewatching all of DA. Beth is borrowing my books, and I... am overcome by some strange compulsion to read VS3 again. So I will... But why? I don't even like it all that much. Granted, it has its good parts... like Logan and Alec smoozing together. Heh. And I like the idea of the end, although the writing tended to frustrate me there. And Max and Logan actually had sex WHILE Max was in heat instead of waiting until it was over. (good... but I disagreed with their explanation of the heat cycles, and then was further frustrated with the whole thing when I wasn't able to pretend said theory didn't exist due to major plot happenings).

So with all the frustration that I had (and with all their relentless editing, I still found nitpicks too), why am I reading this again?

I am diseased.
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