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Oh yes, I'm devious.

So I'm a weirdipants, I know, but I've been angsting over my fan fiction lifestyle lately. It's all well and good and everything, and fan fiction has been a highly entertaining staple in my life for the past five years. However, nearly all the characters in my fan fics are original, and I'd really like to make something of my writing someday. I mean, even my version of Jondy can be touted(sp?) as an original character, especially since she doesn't even go by Jondy most of the time. She goes by Eloise Strat and Rachel Madison. I'm thinking of using her in an orignal project, even though the idea is kind of weird. And, to make things weirder... This character would be Jondy, by all rights. Her mannerisms and some elements of her backstory are the same. But her name would be different (Eloise probably) and all of the backstory relating to Dark Angel would be gone. So she wouldn't be Jondy as Jondy is copyrighted at all. It's still weird.

But I'm thinking about it. I'm also thinking of leaving the fan fiction world, as much as the idea bothers me. But it just seems... like I've gone past that stage in my life now. I will finish Jondy the Abandoner, followed by a full revision of the entire thing. I will then have both the crappy original, and the revision available on my website, probably put the revision on TBW, and leave the crap on, because is crap, and thus, deserves crap. But afterthat, I do want to stop fan fiction. Mostly because I want my own fan fiction! I want someone to write disgusting Reed/Eloise smut. Eh, that'd be pretty gross and not to mention completely illegal in the real world... But that's okay, because people write nasty fan fics like that, and I want them. I have a half constructed idea for a young adult trilogy in my head. I also want to come up with something to write a pilot for a TV show, and I would in my life time like to write a feature film. I have no ideas for those yet however.

So yeah, I'm almost done with JTA, and I just can't say goodbye to Aldrea (which will sound funny to anyone who knows the ending, but none of you do... muahaha!), so I'm not going to. She's going to be in the YA thing I try to write, along with the character mentioned above, Reed, and a character who I've had since she was one of my dolls when I was eight (she's eleven now, I've just let her grow and it's been fun. Like having a kid you don't have to feed). I know Denese (the doll character) especially well, as I've known her for her entire life. When I played school with my brothers(I played school until I was way too old), I was Denese. When I played house, I was Denese too. She was always my favourite, and the idea of writing about her is exciting. It should be terribly easy, as I know everything about her. I just have to hope that other people will like her as much as I do.

Anyway, I'm sure that most of this is completely meaningless to most of you, but it's fun for me to think about outloud. And hmm, if I ever get to make any money off of this particular idea, I guess I'll have to dedicate the whole thing to Fernanda, as she has given me the most encouraging reviews throughout all of JTA, and I never would have gotten this idea if it weren't for JTA. But here I am getting all over hopeful, when I haven't even started writing yet. First step... Finish Jondy the Abandoner. And then maybe write a humour fic to get my ego back up. Oh yes, I know I'm going to get flamed after the end of JTA. I'm not saying...
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