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[05 Jul 2006|09:06pm]

[ mood | indifferent ]

Look everyone! TBW LJ group lives. sort of... But I'm posting in it even though it is so neglected. I don't really care.

So Mauve and I are having that joint bday thing on the boards which should be super fun. I'm not excited for it yet though, because I am too busy being excited for CONvergence. It's this weekend, and since the fourth was on Tuesday it seems like it's coming up faster than it should. That makes me nervous, but I'm mostly excited. There are SO many interesting looking writing panels this year. Also a Farscape based room party (although I'm not sure if I'll like it based on the description... still, I'm intriged) and a LOST panel. And of COURSE the zombie panel, which is on Friday night. Whee! Very exciting. I wish that I knew a bunch of DA friends who were going, because it would be super fun to all dress up as a bunch of X-series fresh from Manticore. That would be the easiest costume to put together, and it would be very fun. But alas, none of my DA friends can afford to go. I think a bunch of them are going to Anime Iowa instead or something.

My doggy is looking very cute sleeping on my bed right now. He doesn't get to sleep there tonight though, because my mom fed him a corn cob, and he ate the whole thing, husk and all. Now everyone is worried that he's going to puke. My mom gets to clean it up if he does, hehe. Seeing as she fed him the offending food.

Hmm, what else can I write about... I can't really think of anything. I guess that's why no one posts here all that often. And I barely use my LJ at all anymore, because I've resolved not to write in it if all I'm going to do is complain. I mostly complain, see.

Well, tomorrow I'm going to go to the bank and drop off two paychecks and over $100 in tip moneys, and then my brother(s?) and I are going to see Cars. My mom even said she would pay, which is a bonus. Yup. That's some mighty fine update to chew on. Gross.

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Denese Michelle Umolla [10 Feb 2006|09:42pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I was reading through the old posts on here, and I came across one of mine that made me quite happy! In the post I was concerned about whether or not people would like my original character Denese. At this point in time, I can't even imagine that I was ever concerned about that! In the stuff that I've written for my creative writing classes, she's been there, but she hasn't been the main character of anything yet. So she doesn't have much of her backstory reveiled, and this irritates people SO much. I barely have to mention her at all, and people seem to automatically fall in love with her. It is so awesome, hehe. The character is supposed to be the girl in high school that everyone loves, and so far... seems to be quite a success.

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Watchin' stuff... [28 Jan 2006|01:21am]

[ mood | geeky ]

So today was a day pretty much made up of watching things, and watching things only. I have been wanting to watch the "Rising" arch in S1 for a couple of weeks now, and I finally did. I somehow feel that it would be awesomer if I were not able to quote the entire thing along with it, but oh well. It still rocks. After that I watched "Pollo Loco," A)because of tie-ins to Lost, and B)because Jensen's in it, and I haven't watched him in SO LONG!

Then I watched Lost, "Numbers" because I wanted to look for Libby. Didn't see her, but that doesn't mean she wasn't there. Then was dinner, and then my roomie and I watched "Raised By Another," which served to make me even MORE worried about Charlie.

I cleaned the whole kitchen because I'm insane. Also, because cleaning the kitchen is supposed to be my job, and I haven't done it since like, Novemeber. It's several shades short of shiny now, but it would be all the way shiny if it weren't from the seventies. And I wish I hadn't written that sentance, because now I have that stupid song from the season premere of Lost stuck in my head again. I am so a slave to Lost... Watching the Rising arch was supposed to tone it down a bit, but it didn't help as much as I'd hoped. Still, "Rising" was totally awesome. I was overly nostalgic when Max said, "How do I look in red?" I swear, that's my teen years right there in that line. Awww...

Anyway, THEN I still watched MORE stuff, and I watched the finale of Lost. This started off a chain of events that lead me to now. My roomie and I have been discussing how unbelievabley tall Maggie Grace is, and wanted to know if she was taller than Sayid. So we looked her up on IMDB, and she is. Har. Then we were looking at the other cast members, and in looking at Terry O'Quinn's info, I realized I had not watched all the bonus features on S3 of Alias. I watched them, and I realized that I had forgotten how INCREDIBLY HOT David Anders is.

I was such a fan girl as I sat and watched the bloopers. Now I want to hug him and possibly sex him, but that may be vastly inappropriate for this LJ group. Oh well, no one comes here except me anyway. *tears* This group should so totally be more active!

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WOW! [08 Jan 2006|02:52pm]

I remembered i had a LJ today and to check up on what's happening here. Hey SK *waves*, see you keep posting, that's great. I shoudl try and do so to. Have been so busy and will be for the newxt few weeks/months. I kiss chatting and the people from TBW. Seems we all got lost a little bit. Feeling a bit nostalgic today, wishing to catch up with everybody. Anyway willd o my best to log in more often on MSN visit TBW more often. Hope to see you there.

Best wishes everybody have a super 2006!
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Mmm, livejournal. [21 Nov 2005|01:31am]

[ mood | whiny ]

I feel like I'm bad at life right about now. I think it's my lack of caffiene that is making me feel this way, but whatever. That's just another reason I'm bad at life: I've let myself become a caffiene addict. Granted, it's mostly my lack of having a headache function that has allowed me to progress this far. I was able to become addicted without even knowing it was happening. And for someone who already has depressive tendancies, to be far enough along in a caffiene addiction that depression symtoms worsen... just a bad thing. I don't plan on trying to kick the habit until Christmas break. I'm too busy and too stressed with finals lurking not far off at all, to try to decaffinate my system now. Whoo.

But anyway... I got completely sidetracked there. I hardly did any homework this weekend. I haven't done ANY history homework since midterms, so now I'm a MILLION pages behind. And I was planning on doing so well there too. Poop. I just don't feel like doing my media class any more, since I found out the system for taking media classes is bizzare and I can't take any more without being in the international journalism program, which I have no interest in. WTF? Why should I need to be in that specific area in order to learn anything about media in general? That is so stupid. So I just don't care anymore. My creative writing is fine, but I feel like I didn't do the homework this weekend, because I did it before I left campus on Friday. I did it when I said I was going to be writing JTA, hehe. I did write some JTA though too, the writing assignment was shortness. Lit. Crit. I did some of my homework for, but I don't want to start my drama paper until Tuesday because, you know, it's due Wednesday. While I like my classes, I'm sick of them all, and to a degree, I've just stopped doing them. I don't even have good attendance anymore.

Thing that's good to know, when I have a certain amount of times that I am allowed to miss a class, don't try to pretend they don't exist and have perfect attendance. I always get lazy after awhile, and if I have free misses saved up, I miss a lot of class. In a row. It's a bad thing. But well, at least I've learned something this semester. :P

In more awesome news, Goblet of Fire rocks my face off! I don't want to spoil, so I won't say too much... But I am in love with this movie. It's possible I liked it more than the book. Now, important aside to that comment, my favourites are in this order: 3, 6, 1, 4, 2, 5. So four, while I love the book with love, is still fairly far down the list. Chalk it up to my dislike of competition, and that books extreme focus on it. So anyway, I at least love the movie AS MUCH as I do the book, if not more... Which I haven't decided yet. But I totally love it and everyone should go see it. Best of the movies by far.

And that's pretty much been my weekend. Oh, and Scrubs. I can't wait until my roommate gets the second season!

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Wasting time, handing out fic spoilers. It's all good. [18 Nov 2005|01:15pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

It has snowed here. A few days ago, it's starting to melt away now, because there wasn't quite enough to cover the grass.

So I'm sitting here in the school library, killing time until my next class at 1:50. After that, I plan on starting the next chapter of JTA. I've rewatched "Pollo Loco" and I took notes, so I have a basic idea of what I'm going to do, and what I'm going to rearrange. I'm sorry Ben. Seriously, I'm really, really sorry. BUT NO CHURCH FOR YOU MAXIE! And that was the spoiler for today. Waha! Yeah, I'm planning on doing some of that after class. Hopefully I will get it at least half done, although maybe not because I have the feeling that this will be a rather long chapter. I know how people love those long chapters! And seriously, after chapter two I have some compensating to do.

Then will be dinner; hopefully they will be serving breakfast again, as they tend to on Fridays, and I like it. Following that is HACK, the writing group that I'm in. Today is smut day. I'm thinking I'll do some awesome Reed/Denese smut told mostly from Reed's perspective. He's just got a good perspective for these sorts of things... You don't know him, but trust me, he does. I've never written smut before though, so we'll see how this turns out. Heh, I've never written smut, and yet I've thrown Jondy through two heat cycles. Oh, I'm evil.

And I've decided that in the director's cut of JTA, the heat cycle will be tossed out from Dark Angel. Barcoded will keep, as that one was planned. Dark Angel's was just all spontanious and stupid. Gar.

After HACK I get to go see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, so I'm looking forward to that. I've been having a pretty crappy week so far, so I'm hoping Friday can redeem it all with the awesomeness of HP and Smut Day in the same day. I also brought Dorothy to school today, so I'm thinking maybe she will write some kind of smutty poem. hehe. That would be both terrible and awesome.

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Licnarb! [14 Nov 2005|11:34pm]

[ mood | procrastinatey ]

Let this be a lesson to those who dare be subject of a nitpick in a show that I like. So, everyone knows that Mrs. Moreno lives in the apartment ABOVE Logan's penthouse. You also may or may not know that I've been playing the Sims 2 obsessively lately. Logan in the Sims lives in Strangetown (I'm trying to get him pregnant with an alien). Mrs. Moreno lives on his roof... But if I let her have free roaming abilities, she'd spend most of her time at Logan's. So I told her to go to her apartment and I took away her door.

I am now holding an elderly woman hostage in her own apartment. It gets worse, because I got bored.

Mrs. Moreno really had to go to the bathroom. Then, I took away her toilet and put it just outside her house that she can't get out of, right outside of her only window. Logan just so happened to also really have to pee at that time, and since he was swinging on the swings, he used the toilet outside the window, while Mrs. Moreno watched him and peed herself.

Okay, yeah, I'm a terrible person. I let Mrs. Moreno pee herself five times before I gave her a door for awhile and let her out. She then proceeded to flirt with Logan of her own valition, so I gave her her toilet back, and then stuck her back inside. She's been reasonably happy ever since.

Logan on the other hand, I've also been doing terrible pody-related things with. He'll have to go really bad, and I'll suddenly move all the toilets. He usually goes and tries to find the only one that hasn't moved, Mrs. Moreno's. Only, he can't get in there, because there's no door. The first time I played the Find the Pody Logan! game, Logan made it to a toilet just in time... And I took pictures of him going to the bathroom outside his front door. The last time he wasn't so lucky, and his piddle is still on the roof.

He also got food poisoning, and he's been lectured twice. One of the first things that I made Logan do, was call the fire department when there was no fire. He was lectured, and got sad. Later at some point I decided to do a Female Trouble re-enactment, so I made Mrs. Moreno pass out, I gave her a door, told Logan to go up there, where he started to freak out. Then I made him call the cops, who lectured him because he wasn't being robbed. Mrs. Moreno woke up, and tried to get to her bed, but she passed out again on the way. After that, I took her door away again, and Logan went down stairs, where in the oven he found the burnt, three-day-old toaster pastry that had been left there since the time that he really did have a fire. He ate it, and I decided just to let him, so he got food poisoning. He's better now though.

I've been trying to get Max to come over, but Logan can't invite her as he hasn't met her, and she doesn't seem to like Mrs. Moreno (who met Max online). So far Max has had woohoo with Alec, but she's never met Logan. Jondy and Aldrea are living happy lives, but I'm having trouble getting Alec and Jondy to make a connection. I would like it if they would woohoo with each other as both of them would fulfill a very high scoring want if they did that. Alec is just continually being a jerk to Jondy though.

And that... is the life of my Dark Angel related sims. Oh, and my version of Aldrea in Veronaville, when she is 16, is going out with one of my characters from when I played school as a kid, Sara. They are such an adorable pair. I love it.

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Why... [11 Nov 2005|10:57am]

[ mood | hungry ]

am I reading VS3 again? Seriously. So we finished rewatching all of DA. Beth is borrowing my books, and I... am overcome by some strange compulsion to read VS3 again. So I will... But why? I don't even like it all that much. Granted, it has its good parts... like Logan and Alec smoozing together. Heh. And I like the idea of the end, although the writing tended to frustrate me there. And Max and Logan actually had sex WHILE Max was in heat instead of waiting until it was over. (good... but I disagreed with their explanation of the heat cycles, and then was further frustrated with the whole thing when I wasn't able to pretend said theory didn't exist due to major plot happenings).

So with all the frustration that I had (and with all their relentless editing, I still found nitpicks too), why am I reading this again?

I am diseased.

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Seriously, I never shut up about Dark Angel... [07 Nov 2005|03:32pm]

[ mood | weird ]

Last night was awesome in terms of the Dark Angelyness of it. First, my DVDs had "Love in Vein" devirginalized by Beth and Nicole. I sat and listened to their commentary on the episode, while I refused to watch it and played the Sims 2 (Aldrea and Jondy w/ Aldrea at age 16). Beth and Nicole agreed with me that the episode was bad and that it is definitely a one time viewing episode. hehe. I complained that I had actually watched that episode at least twice... maybe three times, and that I was upset by this.

After that however, we watched "Fuhgeddaboudit", "Exposure" and, "Hello,Goodbye." I had the joke in my head that, if Jose Molina had written "Exposure," then it would have been called, "Whilloby" (sp?), but I didn't say it, as I have already driven that joke into the ground, lol. But you know that it's true. hehe. I love FG with love dudes! So much love. I always forget how much I just enjoy that episode until I watch it again. And then I remember, and I get happy feelings. This probably has to do somewhat with the inside jokes my high school friends and I had stemming from this episode, but it also is because it's just an amazing episode. With good in it. Who'd have ever thunk there'd be a FOW that I would enjoy so much? "Exposure" was Exposurelicious as usual, with all the cultness and crazy with the Minoan face paint. I loves, but not as much as other eps. of course. And HG... 'twas hilarious. Nicole was at this point playing the Sims on my computer, and listening in... But she'd never seen it. Hehe, based off my commentary, and what she was hearing in the episode (but not seeing), I think that for a second there she thought that Max and Alec had actually had sex, and the look on her face was greatness. But you know, I have said many a time that Rafer is the only one who ever gets to have sex with Max.

Next is DDA, and I'm sad coming up to the end, but excited all the same. It's just good episodes to the end once you get past LiV *gags and barfs*. LiV isn't even an episode. It's dog poo. Sorry to any Marrow enthusiasts I may have offended, but I cannot stand that episode. Then again, many of my opinions concerning DA are contrary to the general DA fan population. For example, I flat out love "Boo." It's one of my favourite episodes. Eh... Well, I'm looking forward to every single one of the episodes we have left, but I'm going to be sad once it's all over.

And as for JTA... I didn't get an update up this weekend. I ended up spending all day Saturday at home, as in my parents' home, and as a result I was away from my computer and fic. I had fun though. My step-grandma and my mom's cousin were over. I haven't seen my step-grandma for YEARS, and she's my grandma that I am closest to. So I felt that it was important that I go home and all that. Far more important than fan fic. I'm sure any readers on here will hopefully agree. I'm still shooting for tomorrow. After six pm sometime my timezone.

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Oh yes, I'm devious. [04 Nov 2005|03:37pm]

[ mood | silly ]

So I'm a weirdipants, I know, but I've been angsting over my fan fiction lifestyle lately. It's all well and good and everything, and fan fiction has been a highly entertaining staple in my life for the past five years. However, nearly all the characters in my fan fics are original, and I'd really like to make something of my writing someday. I mean, even my version of Jondy can be touted(sp?) as an original character, especially since she doesn't even go by Jondy most of the time. She goes by Eloise Strat and Rachel Madison. I'm thinking of using her in an orignal project, even though the idea is kind of weird. And, to make things weirder... This character would be Jondy, by all rights. Her mannerisms and some elements of her backstory are the same. But her name would be different (Eloise probably) and all of the backstory relating to Dark Angel would be gone. So she wouldn't be Jondy as Jondy is copyrighted at all. It's still weird.

But I'm thinking about it. I'm also thinking of leaving the fan fiction world, as much as the idea bothers me. But it just seems... like I've gone past that stage in my life now. I will finish Jondy the Abandoner, followed by a full revision of the entire thing. I will then have both the crappy original, and the revision available on my website, probably put the revision on TBW, and leave the crap on ff.net, because ff.net is crap, and thus, deserves crap. But afterthat, I do want to stop fan fiction. Mostly because I want my own fan fiction! I want someone to write disgusting Reed/Eloise smut. Eh, that'd be pretty gross and not to mention completely illegal in the real world... But that's okay, because people write nasty fan fics like that, and I want them. I have a half constructed idea for a young adult trilogy in my head. I also want to come up with something to write a pilot for a TV show, and I would in my life time like to write a feature film. I have no ideas for those yet however.

So yeah, I'm almost done with JTA, and I just can't say goodbye to Aldrea (which will sound funny to anyone who knows the ending, but none of you do... muahaha!), so I'm not going to. She's going to be in the YA thing I try to write, along with the character mentioned above, Reed, and a character who I've had since she was one of my dolls when I was eight (she's eleven now, I've just let her grow and it's been fun. Like having a kid you don't have to feed). I know Denese (the doll character) especially well, as I've known her for her entire life. When I played school with my brothers(I played school until I was way too old), I was Denese. When I played house, I was Denese too. She was always my favourite, and the idea of writing about her is exciting. It should be terribly easy, as I know everything about her. I just have to hope that other people will like her as much as I do.

Anyway, I'm sure that most of this is completely meaningless to most of you, but it's fun for me to think about outloud. And hmm, if I ever get to make any money off of this particular idea, I guess I'll have to dedicate the whole thing to Fernanda, as she has given me the most encouraging reviews throughout all of JTA, and I never would have gotten this idea if it weren't for JTA. But here I am getting all over hopeful, when I haven't even started writing yet. First step... Finish Jondy the Abandoner. And then maybe write a humour fic to get my ego back up. Oh yes, I know I'm going to get flamed after the end of JTA. I'm not saying...

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[19 Oct 2005|10:56am]

[ mood | bored ]

Wahhh, no one has posted anything at the message board! And I'm booooorrred!!! Wah! Somebody call the wahmbulance!

Okay... enough of that. I decided that since there is nothing to reply to at the forum, that I would come and ramble about something DA related here. Whoa. Hmm... So I guess I'll ramble about my fan fic and whatever.

I've decided that Jondy the Abandoner is going to be my last fan fiction. Have I mentioned this before? I think I might have. Anyway, I think it will be my last one, and maybe I'll write the occasionally standalone or something, but I want to write something original using Aldrea and another character of mine. And another character who I've decided to add for good measure, but he is being shy about it right now, so everything I know about him is through Denese (my other character, who he will talk to), and she is an unreliable source.

But yeah, and I'm working on JTA. Number five: Dark Angel is going to be the last installment of the series. Perhaps there will be some sort of depressing epilogue or something. I haven't decided, so I guess we'll just have to see if it needs one. And I totally am stuck on the second chapter right now! Hmm, I don't think any of my readers read this. That's too bad, because then I'd ask if they'd mind much, a really really short second chapter. And having things be really really stupid for awhile.

I feel like I've written bad fan fiction. *sigh* I want people to write bad fan fiction on my own stuff. Something terrible. Like Reed (my shy character) and one of his teachers slash. *shudders* That would be fantastic. That had better be on the internet one day. It had only better.

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yet another rant on fan fic by SK [02 Sep 2005|07:08pm]

[ mood | full ]

I... really suck. So my formerly best piece of writing ever I now think should hit the crap basket. I know what I would do to fix it... but three years from now. I will know what I should do to fix it again. I know it.

So I know that it is good that I am learning, but I am frustrated now. Because the Jondy the Abandoner standalone won the Barcode Awards. Second Place, which I think is pretty good as there were quite a few entries in the Jondy catagory. So basically, I can't really go and edit it up, because then it is no longer the piece that won the Barcode Award. But it still sucks.

I blame you K.A. Applegate! You and your short sentances!

Okay... well, I don't know if she's responsible for my abrupt sentance phase in 11th grade or not. But I really don't blame her. *loves* Still, freaking short sentances. And why the hell didn't I split that one paragraph?!!! It makes no freaking sense!!! Gar. I'm an idiot. I really just want to go in a split that paragraph if nothing else. I think it may actually just not be split because I missed it when I revised the date and typos about a year and a half ago. I had to download from the internet because I lost the original document due to my dad loosing the zip drive, and that screws with the paragraphs. I really should fix it, at the very least in my archive as that would only take a couple of seconds.

But still. GAR! This is probably why no one picks up on that paragraph echoing a specific scene in the show. It was purposefully done damnit! Oh wells.

Now I am working on Jondy the Abandoner 5: Dark Angel, which is starting out as a royal pain in the ass. It'll be fun, but confuse people as to why I did things the way I did. Why? Because everyone forgets that Haven happened. That awesome little episode that's tucked in there and doesn't really devolop plot much? Yeah, the one between the awesome episode and the sucktastic one. The one everyone forgets about, but it is just cute and great and full of explosions. It was the second highest rated episode ever. Maybe third... but it's way up there, and no one remembers it. But it happened, it is affecting my fic. I had to do a freaking heat cycle to make the first chapter have a hook, when I was going to just do a look across the room intense moment. That'll happen later, to much hilarity and annoying my readers in the way everyone loves to be annoyed. But everyone has to wait now, and they don't even remember why. Jerks.

I don't mean that... I love ya all, especially my readers. *hugs*

But after all that gets out of the way, hijinks will ensue. With my delicous ending. Mmmm, I smell that happening finals week. :) I'm diseased, really. There is something wrong with me and I um, have murdering rampages on the same character. Not saying who or if anyone dies! No one dies. Nope! Nobody. This is totally not a lie!

Aldrea is going to be in a young adult novel I am planning. Along with my character from playing school and house as a kid, Denese, and some boy who I don't know yet. I need to come up with a boy to write about. I don't know if little boys like to die a lot yet. I know that one of the little girls will die, because they are acting suicidal in my pre-writing flood of ideas. But I've only had a couple of little boys, and they didn't like to die as much as the girls do. They just liked me crushing on them because I was 11-13 years old. *sigh* I guess I've only had one little boy, and two pre-teen boys. Also Ben. I never put that story to the internet. Crushed on him too, because he was Ben, and little Ben's actor is my age actually. I wonder what he looks like now...

And jeez! Kyley Statham is less than a year younger than me! I had forgotten that. They should make a spin off called Dark Jondy, and Kyley can reprise her role. I could write for it, and make more money that I will at stupid Hamline work study, since my federal work study was ripped from my grasp.

Well, if anyone was curious (and actually read all of my late night/early mornign ramblings) we have been having a Dark Angel viewing spree here at the geektastic apartment of doom. Firefly too, but we did Dark Angel tonight and we watched some of my absolute favourite episodes. Jeez, how about it for shows Fox messed up with and cancelled like the buttfaces they are. Woot! Tonight with Dark Angel I ate pepperoni and had pepsi. I felt almost like it was snowing, except that I wasn't sitting on a bed. I think had I been on the couch... yeah. Ah nostalgia. It ruled muchly. This is what has been inspiring my random Dark Angel madness. That, and the prospect of actually finishing a project for the first time in my life.

Seriously... finish it... I am not kidding. It'll be more than the six chapters I originally had thought, but I think I will be done by December. The strife of finals should put me in the perfect mood for to write the ending, so my goal is to be there by then.

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Eh? [01 Sep 2005|06:28pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I'm just randomly and annoyinly posting here because I can't make decisions for myself. If no one replies I'll just come up with something random and annoying. So!

Rafer and Jondy???

Pros: I don't have to come up with a character description + he did break up with a girl shortly before hitting it with Max. + Random Character insertion is fun.

Cons: Rafer and Jondy will not last more than two nights to a week. Tops. + It's kinda squicky. + There already is random character insertion in the chapter.

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[30 Aug 2005|02:25pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

So, as of last Wednesday, I finished my third mutli-chaptered fan fiction. I finished it. Now I am roughly six chapters (more if I get carried away though) and an epilouge away from being finished with the entire story. And at this point I actually think it will happen.

The very idea sort of takes my breath away. It is neat.

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So irritating!!! [23 Aug 2005|04:28pm]

[ mood | angry ]

So I'm working on Jondy the Abandoner... some more, yeah. And I've completely lost track of what is going on in Seattle on March the 2nd, 2020. This is all documented for me in the episode Female Trouble, so no problem, I will put that in my 'puter, fast forward to March 2nd, and thus have all information relayed in my fan fiction be accurate.

But no. Apparently the DVD player is completely broken on my computer. I've tried every media playing program that my computer has, and nothing! Gar! Granted, I there is another DVD player in the apartment, but I dislike monopolizing that for fan fiction. *sigh*

So, for awhile I thought I could have another chapter up by tomorrow, but that will no longer be happening. At least not that I can forsee. GRRR!!!!

So, ah... Anyone remember if Logan was in his apartment, oh, noonish on March 2nd? This date being the last day of the episode... the anniversary of the escape. And if not, when did he get back/leave? And I need it to be a time that Max WASN'T there. At all. Max... completely absent from Logan's apartment. Logan, completely present. Sometime during the day March the 2nd. *sigh*

Stupid DVD player in computer. *glares at it*

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All I need is a goat, and life will be complete... [20 Aug 2005|07:58pm]

[ mood | bouncing off walls ]

Sorry for not having been around for so long, weekend evenings seem about the only time I'm really going to spend Quality Time with the internet, but anyway I hope everyone's doing well out there!!! :)

Hey it's a small world Designation, you're not the only person working amid other people's left overs... I began full time work a couple weeks ago, as Assistant Manager of a Salvation Army recyled clothing shop!

Okay, so maybe 'assistant manager' doesn't sound like much of a task when you're talking about a second-hand clothing store, but this isn't a dingy smelly little op-shop cluttered with racks of tightly jammed old lady clothing I'll have you know... *waggles finger* It has a staff of about twelve, my boss runs it like a well-oiled machine, and it's a bloody busy place!

Learning the til was initially a really frustrating experience. I would have it sussed when one of the staff was standing next to me, but the moment I was left alone with just The Til and An Ever-Increasing Line of Waiting Customers, I'd be all butter-fingers and hitting wrong buttons and making things beep at innappropriate moments. Whoops. The worst was the full on panic attack I had while mistakenly charging someone $2,000 instead of like, $46.95. No idea how that happened *scratches head*

Okay but that's sussed, and while the pay is only $12 an hour, I get the bonus of scoring some cool free stuff! A pair of NZ Defence combat pants, Sketchers... Considering I was an op-shop bargin hunter *before* working there, I'm definitely enjoying the job. :D Suits the Crazy Cat Lady much better than working in some snotty little office in the middle of the city. Urgh!

I'm really lovin' it there, but I've been so exhausted each evening when I get home, that tonight is the longest I've sat at the computer in what feels like ages! It took me two weeks to realise 'not-quite-human.net' was inaccessable because I'd totally forgotten to renew the domain name. D'oh!

Anyway, I have sooo much catching up to do online, and I've been trying for twenty minutes to get the TBW forum to load up but it's not working for me at the moment... And now I've gotta go. It's Jarrod's turn at the 'puter. I'll have to resume the quality internet time tomorrow.

Remember, if ya happen to be in Auckland and driving by Westgate, stop in to the Salvation Army store and ask for Callie. If it's a Thursday lunch break, stop in for a mochachino! (Oh you'll know me, I'm the young-ish one bouncing around the place like a frog with a firecracker up it's bum.)

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Oops... Not my fault! [02 Aug 2005|07:05pm]

[ mood | Rambly/Wanting to write ]

*waves to all*

Okay, so my journalling has been a little lax of late. I had a phase, you see, where sitting at the computer and trying to do anything but read CSI fanfic made me unhappy. :P I'm kinda shameless and hopeless like that.

What's new, everyone? I give my response to that very question: Well, let's see. I've got a job now, 9 - 5, usually with an hour of unpaid lunch, 12 - 1. What do I do? I work at the Green Depot, counting recyclable bottles, cans, etc, and giving cash refunds. I sometimes splash myself accidentally with loads of soda and orange juice, I often encounter 'ear wigs' (a form of bug, in case that's a Newfoundlander term and no one else in the world uses it), hornets, spiders, sometimes baby shrimp from recyclables picked off the beach... Oh, and let's not forget months-old stinky milk cartons that must be thrown out. 'Cause we don't actually take milk cartons.

It's VERY exciting.

But actually, on a less sarcastic note, it's not that bad a job. Because when we're not busy with 14 customers at once or something extreme like that, we get to sit around doing approximately zilch (which includes word jumbles and reading Stephen King novels). And I work with nice people. And I get stuck on the book/receipt work a lot... which means I'm often on the math side of things. I like math.


And I get paid minimum wage, $6.25 (CDN) per hour.

And Thursday's payday. WHOO!

And I need a new watch...

Did I mention that I've graduated high school? I don't remember. But I have a grad ring. *shows it off proudly* AND I've only had an 'oh-my-god-I've-lost-my-ring' crisis once... And it turned out that I had put it away in a safe place that I would 'remember.'

And I've had a draft of the final fic in the Arcanum series sitting on my comp for a few weeks... I need to let it stew and give myself time to edit and possibly pass it off to happy people who'll tell me if I've screwed up a lot. See, I think my writing is getting more vague, rambly, and incoherent by the minute. I'm also suffering from some kind of Arcanum-related separation anxiety, because I'm not entirely sure if I want to post the final piece until I've written at least one fic in which Rizzo can be seen as entirely evil. Automaton almost did that, but missed a little at the end... I'm thinking a Zane fic. I love Zane fics. Or maybe Syl. 'Cause if you want to get really technical, I've almost sort of Arcanumized Zane already with my fic Stoic, which wasn't TECHNICALLY an Arcanum fic, but took place in the same universe, and I'm rambling.

That's what YOU get for ME not posting here enough. :P

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[01 Jul 2005|02:03pm]

he I was sooo smart today ::)

I read this artivle about mobile phone use on holidays, with this cool link on what it costs exactly to call and be called, cause you have to pay for that to outside your own country. So i thought got to check that out.

So I go to the link follow the steps :

1) Prrovider
2) subribtion or prepaid
3) .... tadaaa what country will you be in on holiday.... yeah well eehh doh! my own country!!!

Ofcourse I already know those costs!

So this was my three steps guide to realising i'm an idiot
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THIS IS A SUBJECT LINE! [29 Jun 2005|01:44pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

Whoo hoo! My first time interneting in almost a week! I've been staying down at my friends' apartment, soon to be also my apartment, for the week. I'm moving down here in August when the lease turns over. Right now I'm here so that I can go to CONvergence on Friday. My family is up north at the lake this week, so in order for me to have transportation to the con, I had to stay down here. It's been very fun times! Last night was especially good.

I went on my first girls' night out last night, to celebrate my friend's one year dumping her boyfriend anniversary. It was hilarious, because my other friend brought a video camera and video taped us being lost, and then having some issues filling the gas. We also ate at Applebee's and got to Oh God levels of full. Yummmm.

Other than that, I still am in need of pre-ordering the next Harry Potter. I'm a complete geek, and thus am planning on going to a mid-night party. If it isn't raining too much in the next ten minutes (when Bex gets off of work), we may walk down to pre-order it.

Very excited for CONvergence now! yay!

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Trade Me fan fiction, eh? Who would I ship? books/clothing? [13 Jun 2005|10:13pm]

[ mood | By crickey! ]

Whoo hoo! I've been going through all my stuff finding things to sell on Trade Me. Some of the best sells these last few days have been a Diana Gabaldon book which I brought second hand for $4, and then on auction it went for $29.00, and a Dark Tower companion guide which cost $8 from an outlet store and auctioned for $26, and then tonight I sold a pair of woman's trousers designed by WORLD (NZ designer label) for $47! Whoo hoo! My goodness, I've had them for a couple years but never really been able to wear them as they're too big, and figured I may as well sell them because WORLD stuff always gets good prices... Never figured I'd get nearly $50 for them though. Sweet. :D

And between all the other bits and pieces I've sold over the past two weeks, I've now got about $150 in the pocket from stuff that was just sitting around the place unused.

Hmm, must dig further into my bedroom and see what else I can get rid off...

Dudes, I'm so addicted to Trade Me lately, I'm thinking about writing Trade Me fan fiction.

...Okay, I was kidding about that last remark. No really, I was kidding!!

In other news, well, there's really no other news. It's Char's birthday at the end of the month and I've promised to shout her and a couple friends to Rainbow's End (amusement park). Hence the mad scrabble to sell off items from my wardrobe and bookcases. It's about $30 just to get one child into that place, and once you take into account food, and drinks, and arcade money, and food, and more food, and so on... I'm going to need to auction off all of my worldly goods by the end of the month. :P

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